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Tablet 1 The Origin of Haylal Page 865
Tablet 2 The Extraordinary Sinners Page 874
Tablet 3 Repentance Page 874
Tablet 4 Tablet Four Page 876
Tablet 5 Resurrection of the Dead Page 877
Tablet 6 For Him that Waits on Tammuz Page 877
Tablet 7 Who Will Dwell Where? Page 878
Tablet 8 Man Arch-Enemy Page 879
Tablet 9 The Time Page 881
Tablet 10 Nuwaubu Page 883
Tablet 11 9 Ether Page 884
Tablet 12 Ghost Ether Page 888
Tablet 13 The News Page 901
Tablet 14 The Removal of Souls Page 903
Tablet 15 Al Shams Page 904
Tablet 16 The Skies Cleave Asunder Page 905
Tablet 17 The Cheaters Page 906
Tablet 18 The Rending Asunder Page 907
Tablet 19 The Zodiac Page 907
Tablet 20 The Knocker Page 908
Tablet 21 The Most High Page 909
Tablet 22 The Overwhelming Page 909
Tablet 23 The Deeds of Mortals Page 910
Tablet 24 Two Fruit Trees Page 911
Tablet 25 They Partake of the First Earthly Food Page 913
Tablet 26 Kadmon Does His First Days Work Page 915
Tablet 27 Kadmon and Nekaybaw Establish the Custom of Taful Page 916
Tablet 28 Seth Speak To Us Of What Your Father Has Passed On To You Page 920
Tablet 29 Speak To Us Of Death Page 920
Tablet 30 The Angel of Death, Izraa'el Page 922
Tablet 31 Seth Speaks to Facts Page 924
Tablet 32 The Weakness of Human Beings Page 924
Tablet 33 The Grief of Kadmon Page 925
Tablet 34 The Seed of Haylal Has Been Found Guilty Page 925
Tablet 35 El Eloh Makes A Covenant with the Descendants Page 926
Tablet 36 Kadmon's Journey Page 927
Tablet 37 The Transcripts of Death Page 928
Tablet 38 A New Law Is Given Page 929
Tablet 39 Nusku Zodoq Speaks Page 930
Tablet 40 The Overwhelming Events Page 932
Tablet 41 And We Said Speak To Us Of The Words That Proceeded To Us From El Eloh Page 932
Tablet 42 Those Beings Who Preached the Glory of A'lyun A'lyun El Page 933
Tablet 43 And the Divine Law Was Page 934
Tablet 44 The Mortals Learned to Live in Harmony Page 935
Tablet 45 Malachi Zodoq Protects the Mortals Page 936


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  HOME  |  Table of Contents  |  The Seven Thunders  |  A Personal Note from the Receiver  |  Prayer of the Ansaars  |  The Glossary  |  Figures


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