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Tablet 1 Will, The Story of Adafa Page 937
Tablet 2 Genealogies Page 965
Tablet 3 Judgment Day Page 982
Tablet 4 The Secrets of Adafa Page 990
Tablet 5 Adafa Meets Reptilian... Page 992
Tablet 6 Adafa Speaks to His Father Page 992
Tablet 7 Adamites Must Awaken Page 993
Tablet 8 The Nature Of Adamites Page 993
Tablet 9 Teach your Sons Page 994
Tablet 10 Your Nature Page 995
Tablet 11 Adafa Tells His Character Page 996
Tablet 12 The Secrets of Adafa Page 996
Tablet 13 The Future As Inscribe for the Disagreeable and the Zodoq Righteousness Page 998
Tablet 14 Dream Vision of Adafa Page 1003
Tablet 15 Adafa's Journeys through the Planet Page 1007
Tablet 16 The Second Journey of Adafa Page 1009
Tablet 17 Sheol or the Underworld Page 1009
Tablet 18 The Fire that Deals with the Luminaries of the Skies Page 1011
Tablet 19 Jerusalem and the Mountains, Ravines, and Streams Page 1014
Tablet 20 Adafa's Journey to the North Page 1016
Tablet 21 The Parables Page 1017
Tablet 22 The Coming Judgment of the Wicked Page 1017
Tablet 23 The Abode of the Righteous and of the Elect Ones Page 1018
Tablet 24 The 4 Arch Anunnagi, Aluhum Page 1019
Tablet 25 The New Heaven and the New Earth Page 1019
Tablet 26 Adafa Tells of Himself Page 1020
Tablet 27 Motherhood Page 1020
Tablet 28 Kadmon Meets Izraa'el Page 1024
Tablet 29 The Cursed Ones Page 1025
Tablet 30 The Glorification of Michael Page 1025
Tablet 31 Give Thanks to A'lyun A'lyun El Page 1026
Tablet 32 Prayer to A'lyun A'lyun El, El Kuluwm, The All Page 1027
Tablet 33 The Holy Soul of Kadmon Page 1030
Tablet 34 Zakar Relocated Page 1032
Tablet 35 The Prayer of Righteous for Vengeance and Their Joy ... The Descendants Page 1032
Tablet 36 Judgment of the Rulers and The Mighty Page 1033
Tablet 37 The Power of Wisdom of the Elect Ones Page 1034
Tablet 38 The Seven Metal Mountains and the Elect Ones Page 1035
Tablet 39 Final Judgment of Azazl, the Watchers Page 1037
Tablet 40 The Blessedness of the Saints Page 1038
Tablet 41 Judgment of the Kings and the Mighty Page 1040
Tablet 42 The Unvailing Repentance of the Rulers Page 1041
Tablet 43 Vision of the FallenAnunnagi Page 1042
Tablet 44 The Anunnagi of the Waters Bidden to Hold them in Check Page 1043
Tablet 45 Two Earlier Visions of Adafa Page 1044
Tablet 46 The Book of the Courses of the Heavenly Luminaries Page 1045
Tablet 47 Shesqi, The Moon and its Phases Page 1048
Tablet 48 The Four Quarters of the World:  The Seven Mountain, the Seven Rivers Page 1050
Tablet 49 Recapitulation of Several of the Laws Page 1052
Tablet 50 The Heavenly Tablets and the Mission of Adafa Page 1052
Tablet 51 First Dream-Vision On the Deluge Page 1055
Tablet 52 The Second Dream-Vision of Adafa: The History of the World Page 1057
Tablet 53 The Fall of the Anunnagi and the Demoralization of Adamites Page 1057
Tablet 54 The Punishment of the Fallen Anunnagi Aluhum Page 1058
Tablet 55 From the Death of Noah of the Exodus Page 1059



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