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Begin All Prayers and Thinking By Using El Kulum, The All




This Holy Tablets is Divinely Inspired.  This Tablet is a Holy As Your Holy Bible and Koran and It is to be Treated in the Same Way.  This is a Revelation for you from the Most High to set Straight the Records to Remove the Falsehoods.  The Koran Has not Changed the World, Nor Has the Torah or the New Testament.  They have Done Nothing for us the Nubians but were Used to Enslave Us, So the Most High and His Heavenly Hosts Have Decided that It Was Time to Renew the Nubian History.  It is Time for the Nubians to Have their Own Scripture for their Spiritual Upliftment and Guidance.


This Is Your Scripture Treat It As Such:


Do Not Eat Over It or Do Anything that Might Hinder Your Search for Overstanding While Reading.


* Do Not Read the Holy Tablets while Angry, for the Information that is Within the Confines of its Pages are Given to You in Order to Break this Evil Hypnotic Spell of Spiritual Ignorance and Racial Blindness!!!


We Suggest You:

* Read the Holy Tablets Everyday for Your Daily Guidance.


* Read It As A Family.




Table of Contents


Chapter One

El Istakhlaag, "The Creator"

Chapter Two

El Jarutaat, "The Slaves"

Chapter Three

El Mustawathee'ya

Chapter Four

La Nabu Shanamma, The Enuma Elish

Chapter Five

Gan, The Enclosed Garden

Chapter Six

Behaymaw, The Human Beast

Chapter Seven

El Haayuh Rawuh, The Living Soul

Chapter Eight

El Zeru Shil, Nakhash

Chapter Nine

Qayin Wa Hebel, Cain and Abel

Chapter Ten

Kow Tafugbutess, Disagreeableness

Chapter Eleven

El Sarunaat Shil Adafa, The Secrets of Adafa

Chapter Twelve

Lowhu Shil Anzu, Tablet of Anzu

Chapter Thirteen

El Istansaab Abram, The Generation Of Abraham

Chapter Fourteen

El Hekay Shil Utnafishtim, The Story of Noah

Chapter Fifteen

El Gisyhiyinaat, The Christians

Chapter Sixteen

Kurnugi, The Underworld

Chapter Seventeen

Latum Shil Gilgamesh, Epic of Gilgamesh

Chapter Eighteen

Lowhu Shil Etana, Tablet of Etana

Chapter Nineteen

Al Khidr, Murduk










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