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A Personal Note From The Receiver


I call you to accept this truth as bestowed upon me by the masters who guide my pen, for of myself I could not have done the works of it.

There were a host of great Nuwaubian leaders, such as Duse Ali, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Sheikh Al-Haj Daoud Faisal, Clarence Jowars Smith, Cifton E. Marsh, Noble Drew Ali, Marcus Garvey, to name a few, who have all contributed to the upliftment of the fallen and trodden over, and much abused Nuwaubian Moors. Many newsletters, books and newspapers have been written. Yet, the condition of the Nuwaubians have not changed. As the sayings goes: "Allah does not help a people until they help themselves". It's time for you to "Get up and do something for yourselves!"

This is the scripture that is divinely inspired that will bring about a long overdue change. Like the Phoenix Bird raising up out of its ashes, "Up You Mighty People" come forth like Lazarus from the tomb. This tablet is the food to feed the hunger and to nourish the soul, to give it strength. Rise up, stand up, stand up, be counted amongst the people of this world.

This tablet will restore the savor to the salt, that you may spice the whole world. That you may taste the sweet savour. And that you may spice the lives of all that you may come in contact with. For in these tablets is no doubt! It's the true guidance and that you can be sure of! but only those with an inner ear will be able to hear the voice of our heavenly father calling his children to gather on the holy land Qodesh, the golden city Wahanee, and sit at the feet of his son "the lamb", that has been transformed into "the lion", Tammuz, as known to many as ha Mashiakh, the true messiah, when he returns, as herald in by the receive of this most holy texts, the holy tablets, Nayya Malachi Zodok-El! this holy scripture is needed. The Holy Tablets come from the ancient original tablets inscribed in cuneiform, later borrowed, and in part to form what became the torah, which became the Holy Bible, which yielded many scriptures, old as well as the new testament, and even later, the Holy Qur'aan or Koran. This is by far the greatest of all, for it contains all they were trying to express but couldn't, because they didn't have the whole truth and all the facts.

Look at the world today when human beings and angelic beings alike, no longer have an effect on the minds and the souls of people on a planet such as this one. Then ANU who is A'lyun A'lyu El "the Most High called by Arabs, Al 'Aliyu, The Most High and its the 36 number of the 99 best of Allah, "The source", brings into being a supreme being, referred to as a Zodoq or one of the Anunnagi Aluhum, and endows this being an Illah Mutajassid an avatar with the right knowledge, right wisdom and Right Overstanding. We are at such a time now and the answers are to be found within the pages of "The Holy Tablets", also called "The Book Of Lambs". Many leaders and teachers claim to be your saviors, but all use just the same books, bibles or Korans, or books written thousand of years before their time, outdated information. but you need your history renewed by a Renewer, a reformer, El Mujadud. Not the 1400 year old interpretation of the Qur'aan, or 4000 year old interpretation of the Torah, or 2000 year old interpretation of the  New Testament called the bible. Not to mention all the misleaders who come along and make up their own interpretations to mislead you, well the time has come for that Renewer, and this is it. He has renewed El's Holy Torah, El's Holy Injiyl, El's Holy Zabuwr, El's Holy Qur'aan, the Holy Koran, circle seven, of the Moorish holy temple of science, the problem book of the poor righteous teachers of this planet earth, the Egyptian book of the dead, coming forth by day, and more. He has translated from the original tongues for you, that you may be renewed.

Let's see what a Muslim would say: Muhammad is the last and greatest of all or the seal of the prophets, and the Koran the latest scriptures. But this can't be true, just look at the very condition of the planet Earth and the state of its inhabitants.

I have prophesied many things in the many books that I put forth, and they all have come to past thus far, and I have foretold even more events that would come unto this world, and they also shall come to pass. You will find in the many books, that I have have to set the record straight!

All of these prophecies should tell you that the Arabic Koran they have today could not be the final message of salvation. Just look at the Muslim world divided against itself, killing and fighting each other over the Koran which was revealed in the Year 610 A.D. over 1400 years ago and called Al Qur'aan, and its author Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin, who died in the year 632 A.D. from poison in his food. Its message has not put an end to the evil that plagued the world, and in fact caused more wars and evil has happened because of the Koran and how Muslims have misinterpreted it, and what it make its followers feel about all others. The Koran and the Bible has failed more than any of the other books ever written, in so far as they are misunderstood by those who claim to follow them to the letter.


As for the Hebrew Torah, it does not preach salvation, merely history and geography.  So now it is time for a scripture to be revealed in this day and time for people that was lost but now found.  Read the Holy Tablets and decide for yourself.  For the hour glass is almost empty.  The Holy Tablets was divinely inspired after reading The Torah, The Holy Qur'aan, The Raatib, The Book of Light, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, The Writing of Confucius, The Book of Buddah, The Tablet of Adafa, The Tablet of Nergal and Arishkegal, The Tablet of Ishtar and Tammuz, The Tablet of Etana, The Atra-Hasis, The Akkadian Tablets, Gilfamesh Epics, Tablets of Anzu, and the Sumer Tablets, and the events and leaders and their teachings, that unfolded from those tablets to this present day.


You will not only find that what has been revealed to me is without doubt, but it will bring you towards a greater overstanding of your inner self.  What is behind the words in this text is all that has come through me to bring you to the next level.  This is why I have been sent to you.  In order that you receive this divine revelation.  One that has never before been compiled in one text.  I am one of those teachers who come with a message for a people, so gather yourself and know that within the confines of these pages is:


The Right Knowledge, the Right Wisdom, and The Right Overstanding,

Which Leads to Sound Right Reasoning


Walk with me on that narrow path and take the over due first step and read with the intent of overstanding all that I have been given, for in this text there is undisputed truths, which are facts beyond any doubt.  This Holy Tablets will not only lead you to right thinking, it will take you to the next level!  It will, if overstood, break The Spell, The Spell Of Ignorance (Ignoring The Facts).  Spell of Sleep, Spell of Spiritual Ignorance and Racial Blindness.


Within these tablets, you may find a similarity to many Holy Scriptures such as, The Torah, The Injiyl, The Zabuwr, The Koran, and many spiritual writings as well as learnt people whose information in these days and times are being forgotten or misused.  I, having read most of what has been recorded on this Planet Earth, find the truths of their messages necessary for people of the Earth to get a full and complete overstanding of the truth.  It's no coincidence that these tablets are laced with these messages for truth and Nuwau-Bu Surpasses their teacher's interpretations.  This scripture is a Holy Scripture, divinely inspired from the spirits who incarnate in the form of prophets, apostles and sires who have spoken to my heart and activated my mind to bring you this final revelation.  Within its covers you will find guidance from this to the next world and on.


My child, in this world you must overstand that the most authentic and safe means of achieving purity of the soul and contentment of the heart is to devote your tongue to the remembrance of the All.  To know The All is to ponder over the significance of your growth as an individual, and to accustom yourself to absorb to facts in your mind and heart in perfect faith and awareness.  The Holy Tablets affirms, you are in The All and The All is a part of you.  And know this, this Holy Tablet that is divinely inspired is to prepare the way for the end.  The best course to achieve this end is that you should recite the words within the confines of these pages with zeal and fervor and develop the habit to study regularly.  Study also with devotion and concentration, the teachings of other great teachers.


This Is How It Was Revealed To Me

And This Is How I Give It Unto You.


This Holy Tablet has been improved upon, by clarifying firstly misunderstood information.  This was done by many who have received the First Holy Tablet, and sent in many corrections, that I felt necessary to clarify.  Fortunately, it wasn't from mistakes, but rather from a lack of overstanding the language and many of the terminologies of the Holy Tablets.  Yet, there was some intentionally alterations done by the original printers of the Holy Tablets, who were Christians, who print bibles, and took it upon themselves to change words, numbers, and even extract parts of chapters, pictures, an intentional evil, that I felt was necessary to correct in this new version of the Holy Tablets for you.


The language was originally in Nubic, and even Arabic, but I found it to the advantage of all Nuwaubians, that it be replaced with our own language Nuwaubic, that had not been made public in its entirely of the Old Holy Tablets.  Also many mentioned events, that hadn't come to past at the time of the original released Holy Tablets.  yet, these prophecies as to date have come to past, and they to have come to past as a confirmation of the divinity of this holy text, and have been inserted.  Explanation have also been inserted to enhance your overstanding of this text.  I am sure you will appreciate the efforts put forth on your behalf.




















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